How To Use Youtube Background in Android ?

youtube background

There is a lot of people who wants to use facebook with watching to youtube!But its a matter of great sorrow that they can't do it,as youtube dont allow its users to minimize youtube in android (Youtube Background)!
And this feature is known as ”Picture-in-Picture” mode!
Only a littile number of phones can use this feature (Youtube Background) , and to do this thing you must have to be an ”Youtube Red Subscriber” and also you have to spend a huge amount of money to be an ”Youtube red subscriber”.
Only the higher version of androids can use ”Picture-in-Picture” / Youtube Background Mode (ex:Android Oreo;) !
So the poor lower version android users,like me  cant use ”picture-in-picture” mode even if they are ready to spent money for ”Youtube Red Subscription”
But today i am gonna tell you about an app through which you can easily use Youtube Background without spending even a single penny!
And you can use this app in Any Android Phone! even in Android JellyBean!
When you are using this app you can watch youtube in a small window means (youtube background) and in the same time you can use any other apps (ex:Facebook, Instagram;).
You can also hear to only audios,by simply minimizing this app!
So lets get to the main post!

What To Do to use Youtube Background in Android?

At first Download this App from here .

(Since,this app is not available in playstore,you have to Download this App from here)

Now install NewPipe.(Make sure that your phone allows the permission to install apps from unknown sources)
Youtube Background

Newpipe is installing
Youtube Background
Installing Newpipe
The installation procedure is over!
Youtube Background
Newpipe Installed
When installation process is finished you are just few steps away from minimize youtube in android.

Open the App, by clicking the icon of  "NewPipe"

And select your favourite video to play,or you can search for your desired video by tapping on search bar like "Youtube" main app.
Youtube Background
Open Newpipe
After Selecting your video tap on play button,your video will start to play.
Youtube Background
Find desied video
See,the video will start to play in full screen mode.
Youtube Background
Play Desired Video
Then tap anywhere of the screen and some options will appear on screen.

Youtube Background
Play Desired Video
Then click on the button as shown in the picture bellow.
(Now we are a little away from youtube background)
Then press your home button.
Youtube Background
Click this icon 

Youtube Background

Small Window

Bingo!Your video is playing in a small window in your home screen of your phone, which is known as "Picture-In-Picture" Mode.

" Youtube Background " is a paid feature of youtube,but you can use it for free by this awsome app!

Now can use facebook, instagram or any other apps you like to use along with watching to youtube in the same time.
Youtube Background
Youtube Window on Home Screen

Listen to only audios:

To hear only audios from youtube you just have to click on "Background" Button as shown as bellow!
Then you can minimize youtube and do your other tasks just like what you do with your phone's default music player.
Also you can lock your phone,but the music will keep playing,it will not stop untill you turn it stop!

Youtube Background
Listen to only audios from youtube

You can also use "Next" or "Pause" button.

So,guys this is the ending of this post.
Keep listen to music 24/7 nonstop,and never forget to take care of your ears.
Thank You <3 !

Here i am giving a video tutorial for the whole process:


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