Send Email Instantly Without Creating Email ID

Today i'm sharing something new with my visitors!
Have you ever been send email instantly? i meant sent a mail without signing in to your email account or even without creating any email account?
Maybe the answer is “No”!
But Today i will give you an way to send email instantly without creating any email ID and no sign up is needed to do this!
So friends?lets get to the main post!

Send Email Instantly
Send email instantly Without Creating Email ID

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What You Need:

•An android phone.
InstantAddress App
•and obviously Internet connection.

What to do:
Download this app and install
•Now open the app
Send Email Instantly
Open Instant Address

Now from Address menu choose or (Create) Your Temporary mail address from which you want to send mail.
Send Email Instantly
Choose or Create Email Account

To send a new email tap on “New” tab!
Send Email Instantly
New Mail

Here you will get a ready mail address which will be used as your mail address!

Write your mail subject and message

And also you can attach something, if you want!
Send Email Instantly
Attach a File

Now just Click on send button,and it will ask for confirmation,tap on "ok" to confirm.
Send Email Instantly
email send confirmation

Sending your mail.
Send Email Instantly
Sending your mail

After successfully sending your mail , it will show that messege "Your messege has been sent".

Send Email Instantly
Messege Sent

You can customize your mail settings by going to Address→Advanced Settings.

Send Email Instantly
Advanced Settings 1

Send Email Instantly
Advancved setings2
You can also get your used mails password and other information and change them by going to  Address→Advanced Settings→User Infromation option.
Send Email Instantly
User Information of Instant Address

Thank you!You can use this mail service for your product marketing or in your business promotion.
So, the post is ended here.In the next i will be back with some new and useful things .
Till then stay safe!


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