Why you should choose blogspot to start blogging?

choose blogspot to start blogging

Now a days blogging has become an interesting thing to those who love to write.As pepole pass most of their times on internet ,so writing lovers also want to pass their time by publishing their writings on internet.But, to express your thoughts on internet you need a platform.So,you have to create a blogsite at the very first stage if you want to publish your writings freely on internet.So,When you are creating a blog site there are loads of options in front of you.But, you have to choose the most suitable one for you! And here i am discussing why you should choose blogspot to start blogging ?
So,if you are a beginner in blogging i will suggest you to choose Blogspot(Blogger) .

 Now i will elaborate why you should choose blogspot to start blogging?

Free To Use:

The blogger platform is fully free for its users.You dont have to buy a hosting, because blogger will give you everything for blogging and its fully free to use.If you buy a hosting you may have to pay 50$+/Per year for a shared hosting service.If you are new at blogging its  huge amount to bear.So it will be good for you to use blogger if you are a starter.

•Easy To Use:

choose blogspot to start blogging
Blogger is easy to use
You dont need to have any prograaming knowladge to run a blogger hosted blog site.All the options are simple,and if one have basic knowladge about internet he can easily get all the functions of Blogger.
If you look at the picture given above , all the functions are very easy to use.
By click on Posts → New Post ,you can write your blogpost.
To create pages just click on Pages → New Page.
To change you sites look click on Theme and choose a theme which will be suitable and related with your blog site.

•Free SSL Certificate:

choose blogspot to start blogging

SSL Certificate (https:// instead of http:// before your site's url) will increase your rank on search engines.
If you choose other platforms you have to buy a primium SSL certificate.But blogger offers you a free SSL certificate,you dont have to spend money on SSL certificate.So this might be an important reason to choose blogspot to start blogging.

•Easy Theme Editing And Layout Changing:

choose blogspot to start blogging
Theme Changing

You can easily change the look of your site in blogger,you dont need any kind of programming knowladge to do this.There are some themes already given by blogger.
choose blogspot to start blogging
Choosing Themes

Or you can choose your favourite themes by searching on internet by this queri "SEO friendly themes for blogger".

Just download the theme and upload from the Backup/Restore Page as given in the picture bellow.

choose blogspot to start blogging
Upload theme

Edit your blog's HTML
choose blogspot to start blogging
Edit Html

You can also customize your theme by editing html if you know just the basics of html.
choose blogspot to start blogging
HTML Editing
You can customize your sites sidebar,add widget and many more things by just going Layout Page.

choose blogspot to start blogging
Layout Changing
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•Using Own Domain Name:

choose blogspot to start blogging
Using Own Domain Name
You can also use your own domain name in blogger.That means you just have to buy only a domain in blogger.And the setup process is easier.There are lots of companies who provide free domain names,but to make a standard blog,you must have to buy a domain (ex: .Com .Net .Org).So this is also an important issue to choose blogspot to start blogging.

•Easy Search Preferances Settings:

The life of a blog is visitor.To gain some visitor your site must have to be indexed in search engines.So you have to do some jobs to index your site in search engines.And this is much easier in Blogger.Just go to Settings → Search Preferences and set up all the things easily.So this is also an important issue to choose blogspot to start blogging.
choose blogspot to start blogging
Search preferences

•Easy Statistics Checking

You can easily check your pageviews and how many visitors visiting your site daily by just going to Sats Page of Blogger.

So after above discussion i think Blogger will be a great platform for you,if you are a necomer in Blogging.
So why wasting your time?
Just choose  Blogspot and start blogging.
Happy Blogging ☺.

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